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Dear Friend.
I will tell you right up front that I never got rich from any of the online businesses I created. I made a good amount of pay from a lot...and I made very little off some of them. I never got rich and I never was able to afford mansions and million dollar items, but I was able to get out of healthcare...which I hated doing by then. I made less than $17,000 a year...and I hated it on top of that!! I started creating online businesses just for those reasons. It got so bad that I had to move back in with my parents because I couldnt afford not to. Well, it took a short while (months) to be honest, but the income I started creating from my online businesses actually increased past the amount I was making as a CNA, and now I was enjoying what I was doing!! Im still not rich, and I never planned to be (probably why Im not) because I just wanted to afford a family cruise each year on top of paying for the things that came up and small things I wanted.

I told my friends and family that I was going to get out of the businesses I had created online and sell off the websites I owned... they thought I was a little crazy. I plan to pursue my dream and so I did just that. Honestly, I was going to delete all the things that were a part of my businesses (after giving copies to those who bought my sites) and just be done with it. Then I thought, instead of doing that... why dont I take all of it and make one package to sell at a price that anyone and everyone could afford it. None of the ecommerce owners want to do that, because then you get literally thousands of dollars worth of digital products for less than a lot of them would cost by themselves. Well... too bad... Im doing it anyway, because everyone deserves to be able to try. Only you can stop you from making an online business work. Heres a break down of why this package works...just the finer points.
Every Product In This Package Comes With Master Resell Rights.
This means that you can not only use each product, but sell each one for your price and keep every cent of the profits.

You Can Literally Create Thousands of Business With This Package or One Huge Business.
You can create businesses of any variety on several domains or use them together to make a huge online income source that offers more than the competition could dream https://www.tradebit.comn the big boys.

Almost Every Product Comes With Instructions On How To Install.
If youve never installed a web script or created a webpage... its okay. The products in this package come with instructions that will walk you through each move... step by step.

The Turn-Key Factor
If you choose to sell these products, well... most come with the sales page already written out, the images already in place, and most of the visual work and programming done for you. All of the products run on autopilot once set up, so after you get them up with the step by step https://www.tradebit.comt check for the payments and maybe keep an eye on your hits or web traffic.

CONTAINS: E-Books, Software, Web Scripts in PHP and CGI, Templates, HTML, and more!!

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